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CLINICCARE in Paris, January 29 - February 2. 2015

CLINICCARE will be exhibiting in Paris  (IMCAS Annual World Congress), January 29 - February 2, 2015
You find us in stand F1 (Cosmeceuticals Village), where we show our products and new high-tech masks and mesotherapy vials. We are looking for CLINICCARE distributors in several countries.

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Dear Cliniccare Management,

I am the managing Director of Laboratorios Isimo in Spain. We have customers within the field of Aesthetic and Plastic surgeons clinics in Spain and as part of our product range we offer micro needling solutions.

We are looking for a serum to go with the microneedling treatments and a line of serums for after treatment for the patient. We've been researching and we came across with Cliniccare and believe it is a very good match for us. We are also looking for a cool sheet mask.

I would like to understand if these products are available for our markets and if they are both CE certified and if these products are distributed in Spain at all.

I’ll appreciate if you could send me additional info about the product.

I will personally be at IMCAS and I would be interested in setting up a meeting to discuss further a distribution if you are interested.
I will be at IMCAS from the 29th to the 30th.

Best regards,
Santiago Ardevol
Managing Partner
Laboratorios Isimo
T. 656909499
Best regards,
Santiago Ardevol
Santiago Ardevol · January 23, 2015
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